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Welcome to our Confirmation Prep page; there have been some changes to better meet the needs of our potential candidates! Confirmation completes our full initiation as Catholic Christians (CCC 1306) and strengthens our ability to be missionary disciples through the reception of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Everything we offer in this prep is to build up the younger generation of our Church through individual formation, community and challenging young people to respond to Christ's invitation. Our prep is offered to all incoming 9th graders.
Confirmation Schedule
Pre-Requisites to Confirmation Prep year: 
- Prayer 
What is asked of a Candidate in order to receive the Rite of Confirmation? 
- Attend 4 mentor sessions (September, November, January, March)
- Attend 4 large group sessions (October, December, February, April)
- Attend 1 of our 6 Youth Nights here at St. Mary's & St. Michael's
- There will be a mandatory Love & Life Project presentation on November 29th from 6:30-8pm
How does this prep work?
The Confirmation Prep you will undertake is a melding of large group and mentor sessions.  Alternating months will allow you to attend our large group and mentor sessions.  The months for large group are shown above (October, December, February, April) and you have the choice to attend on either the Wednesday evening or the Sunday afternoon we offer.  The Wednesday evening sessions will be from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm and the Sunday afternoon sessions are 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm,  Sessions will be identical and you have the freedom to come to either/or depending on your schedule that month. There is no registration for a particular day.  
Each Candidate will be assigned a mentor that has been through training and is prepared to walk with the candidate through their Confirmation prep year.  The months that candidates meet with their mentor are also shown above (September, November, January & March) where they will discuss and delve deeper into the topics that are covered in large group.  There is no specific time/day that you meet with your mentor.  Once you are assigned your mentor, you have the freedom to schedule when works best to meet between the two of you.  Mentor's will be reaching out to parents to schedule these meetings on the given month.  Mentor/candidates have the option to meet in a public place or here on campus at designated times that are similar to when large group meets.  These meetings will take anywhere from 1.5 - 2 hours.  
All forms, information and records are here on this webpage for your use to complete the Confirmation Prep List (bottom of the page).  Once submitted you will always receive an email that your form/record was received.  There are two exceptions to this rule.  Firstly, when students attend large group they will sign in on site.  Secondly, that we need a newly issued Baptismal Certificate from the candidate's Baptismal Parish issued within six months of our Confirmation date (not sooner than November 20th, 2017). Most parishes are willing to fax or mail this to us. 
What is asked of a Confirmation Mentor and how do I become one?
We are going to need all adults to consider being Confirmation Mentor's for Confirmation Prep and what a beautiful opportunity!  We will need both male and female leaders in order to pair you with the same gender candidate.  There will be mandatory training sessions for Mentor's in late August where you will learn much more about your role and receive the content you will use.   Mentor's will be responsible for 2 or 3 candidates throughout the year every other month and also be asked to attend at least 2 of our Large Group Sessions.  Please fill out the C-Mentor Form and keep our training sessions on your calendar, we hope to have you join the C-Mentor Team this year!     
Please pray that we would have a generous response with mentor's and hearts burning for the Lord! If you have further questions please contact Lilvia Gomez at or call at 651.351.3175