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As we continue to better accompany all families who seek the sacrament, there will be a few changes to the program this fall. There will be two key differences to our approach:


1. the basis for Confirmation is no longer a specific age, but readiness, and

2. readiness consists in actively living the life of the parish community.


The process will have two phases, “Inquiry” and “Candidacy.”



Inquiry Period


At the time of registration, high school students (9th-11th grade) will register as an "Inquirer" for an Inquiry period, which goes from Sept 12 to Nov 14, and pay an Inquiry Fee. This is a time for the Inquirer to show he or she is ready to receive the sacrament. Readiness is determined by satisfactory participation in the various “youth opportunities” we offer for the youth of the parish, as well as weekly Mass. We are happy to help families as they take the necessary steps. Eligibility for Candidacy is determined by an Inquirer's fulfillment of the following:


Inquiry Requirements

  1. Weekly attendance at weekend Mass and holy days
  2. Fall retreat Sat Sep 22 
  3. “The Proposal” weekly evangelization series on Wednesday nights Sep 26 through Nov 14*
  4. Candidacy retreat Sat Nov 17
  5. Rite of Welcome Sun Nov 18

 * Students can miss one of the weekly evangelization series meetings. If any more will be missed, please contact PJ Butler.


Candidacy Period 


If the Inquirer has fulfilled the Inquiry requirements, in late November he or she will transition into the Candidacy phase as a “Candidate” by participating in a Rite of Welcome at a Sunday Mass. Through the rest of the year, Candidates will continue to demonstrate their Christian life, and readiness for the sacrament, by entering and living the life of the parish with the other youth of the community. This includes: 


Candidacy Requirements

  1. Continue with weekly weekend Mass
  2. Monthly small group meetings
  3. Three of the monthly Youth Theology Nights 
  4. Four of the monthly Cor jesu nights
  5. A certain number of charitable work opportunities
  6. Confession in the season of Lent
  7. One of the two seasonal retreats, either Advent (Sat Dec 15) or Lent (Sat Mar 30)
  8. Patron saint reflection


Candidates who continue to demonstrate their readiness for the sacrament will receive Confirmation in March. The small groups that students join are intended to continue into the Candidacy period, and stay together beyond Confirmation through the high school years. We will always accompany students on their journey until they are ready for the sacrament, and we invite them to stay with us by continuing to come to the youth opportunities. 


The Sacrament of Confirmation represents the intersection of Christ’s desire for us, and our desire for Him. We hope this approach will help integrate all interested students into the life of the community, and will enable our parish community to accompany those who are living the Christian life, as well as welcome new people into it. 


Registration for Inquiry is open now, and more details will be available soon here. Feel free to reach out to P.J. Butler at if you have questions.