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You may notice changes to our webpages as we work diligently to make improvements and updates. Questions? Please contact the Parish Office at 651-439-4400.

Outreach Ministries

Pastoral Outreach

Through pastoral care, we answer God’s call to serve all those in need with love and compassion. St. Michael’s pastoral care programs are coordinated by Deacon Bert Bliss, Pastoral Minister, and made possible by the dedication of many volunteers in our parish family. To learn more about pastoral outreach at the Church of St. Michael, please contact Deacon Bliss.


Pastoral Care to the Bereaved
Call us if you are in need of someone to talk to, someone to help you through this journey of grief. Our priests, deacon, pastoral minister and trained BeFrienders are here and ready to help you. There are also many resources we can share with you: scripture readings, support groups, books on dying and grief. Please call Deacon Bert Bliss, Pastoral Minister, at 379-1266.


Are you Hard of Hearing?
We have assistive hearing devices available in the Sacristy for use during Mass. Stop into the Sacristy and you can pick up a hearing device and earphone. Please return the device after Mass so that it can be recharged.Meal Program


Sacramental Ministry
Our clergy visit homebound parishioners on the first Friday of every month. Catholic clergy also offer Mass once a month at each of the healthcare facilities,Good Samaritan, The Estates of Greeley and The Estates of Linden, and OakRidge Place. The clergy are also available to administer the Sacrament of the Sick. Call Deacon Bert Bliss, Pastoral Minister to arrange for this sacrament. 651-379-1266.


Community Outreach Board
Located near the Parking lot entrance to the Social Hall, the Community Outreach Board connects parishioners who wish to volunteer their time or resources to fellow parishioners in need. Postings are divided into four areas: Requests for Assistance, Freebies, Employment Needed and Employment Opportunities. Fill out the appropriate colored slip with your information and put the slip in the manilla envelope. The slips are recorded in the office weekly and posted on the bulletin board. Please note that we often have requests from people who no longer drive, and are looking for a ride to church. 


Remembering Those Who are Sick
At the daily Mass on the First Friday of the month, we remember in prayer those parishioners who are sick.  If you know of someone who would like to be included in our prayers for the sick, please call Deacon Bert Bliss at 651-379-1266 or fill out a request slip found on the ramp bulletin board. We ask that, in accordance with privacy policies, you have permission from the person to be named in the prayer for the sick.

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