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 There are three goals that I have for our parish: that all of our parishioners would learn the faith more deeply; live that faith more ardently with the grace given through the sacraments and prayer; and that we would have a stronger and broader stewardship toward our parish.  We have been doing these things, as does every parish, but it takes a deliberate and conscious effort to make these goals a living reality in the parish itself.  A parish is made up of individuals, and the more each person takes these goals to heart, the more the parish as a whole can be a living witness of the Gospel and a brighter reflection of Christ Himself.  People will be able to identify certain characteristics about that parish.  It is my hope that our parish will exude the characteristics contained in the acronym HUG: Humility, Unity, and Gratitude.

Fr. Michael J. Miller

I invite you to learn  more about the Church of St. Michael, visit our parish and worship with us.

Parish News, Events & Announcements

SCCS Middle School Open House

SCCS Middle School Open House

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Spiritual Healing ~ November 3-6

Spiritual Healing ~ November 3-6

St. Mary’s and Church of St. Michael Parish Mission A parish mission is a time for each parishioner to be renewed in their personal relationship with Jesus, to revitalize the Parish in its mission to its parishioners, a time for healing, and to be sustained as a community by the mercy and love of Jesus. Father Emmerich, who you may remember lead a mission at our parishes last November, returns to St. Michael’s and St. Mary’s to continue expressing the principles that lead to recovery, recovery... [Read more...]


Come join us for  Merry Mall–a celebration of food, fun, bingo, and activities to begin the holy season of Advent and Christmas.   This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, November 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the St. Michael’s Social Hall.   Two exciting new activities have been added to make this truly, a parish community event: Book signings from parishioners/authors Anne Greenwood Brown, Stephanie Landsem and Laura Sobiech from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Preview of scenes... [Read more...]

Biomedical Ethics Conference Cancellation

Our parishes strive to offer relevant and important opportunities for adult formation and education throughout the year.  We need parishioners to participate and bring their friends in order for us to continue to make these events available.  The Biomedical Ethics Conference that was scheduled for October 11, was cancelled due to lack of registrations.  A heartfelt thank you to those who had worked to put this event together including Karen Loome, Eileen Douglass, Leann Kaufenberg and Molly Druffner... [Read more...]

Merry Mall ~ Saturday, November 8th ~ 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

As you look around your home and think about what you could change, update or clean out, please keep Merry Mall in mind. ATTIC TREASURES, our indoor rummage sale, is an adventure in second hand shopping. But in order for it to be successful we need your gently used, in good condition donations. We are looking for kitchen items, books, toys, holiday and seasonal items, craft items and supplies, baskets, framed wall art, tools, ‘man stuff’, knick-knacks, decorations for the home and more.  Unfortunately... [Read more...]

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